Application and Features

  • eSafeT takes the “whY” out of safety
  • It saves you time in compiling site specific health and safety specifications, safety files & plans!
  • You only pay for when you use eSafeT
  • No subscription or monthly fees
  • Immediate accessibility to all relevant OHS documentation
  • Peace of mind – Repeatable Quality of Documentation
  • Compliant OHS Documentation
  • Access to preferred service provider/s at a discounted rate
  • Extensive savings in terms of time, cost and effort due to a timeous rectification and maintenance of OHS issues
  • Free Access to updated and current legislation
  • Contribute to a healthy workforce, employee stability and improved labour relations
  • Control of cost relating to acquiring OHS services and product
  • Provides construction safety documentation that will set the new standard
  • 24 hour access to up to date documentation sets
  • When regulations change, eSafeT will follow suite
  • Online support and help
  • Assistance in completing documentation
  • eSafeT will provide you with an electronic invoice immediately after your purchase and a copy will be sent to the registered account holders’ email
construction safety file template
Site Specific Safety File

Web-based Interface