About Us

eSafeT was founded in 2011 as an organisation that is able to deliver quality Occupational Safety and Health Documentation to the construction sector in the South African market. The company developed standardized documentation generation software to meet increased legal and industry requirements. eSafeT is inclusive of a wide network of professional, associated resources and service providers and strives to provide a true one stop solution to any OHS challenge within South Africa.


eSafeT associates itself with leading companies in the field of OHS documentation provision and also aligned itself with service providers like: SACPCMP registered Agents, Construction Safety Managers and Safety officers, proper medical assessments by approved Occupational Medical- or Health Practitioners, legally require an accredited training service providers, assistance in obtaining COIDA letters of good standing, provision of discounted quality PPE, First aid equipment, mandatory signage, fire equipment and also a storage solution for documentation on completion of the projects. Our team and associates are dedicated to assure that our clients achieve their goals by providing the high-quality OHS documentation,OHS consultants and operational services in selected Regional, National and Markets, based on continual improvement, integrity and Christian values.


eSafeT is seen as a leader in providing an online documentation generation solution in the construction industry. Our aim is to make OHS accessible and affordable to even the smallest company. We endeavor to provide documentation that is current and up to date and relevant to their projects. Our system guarantees meeting minimal legal requirements. Updates to the legislation will be available online 7 working days from being proclaimed and published.

Capability Statement

eSafeT has direct access to resources with more than 200 years of experience in the field of OHS in various industries. Members and resources are professionally registered with legally required institutions like SACPCMP, SAIOSH, IOSH, HWSETA, Institute of Safety Management.

eSafeT is time and

the standards we pursue

  • Is a trusted brand – more than 1,000 document sets with almost no comebacks
  • Makes use of tried and tested documentation templates
  • Our software been in use since mid 2016 by selected companies
  • Allows you to download your document set in pdf and once stored, registers and checklists can be reprinted for that specific site
  • Have the most current legislation available and incorporated into the documentation sets. No outdated cd’s or cumbersome updates required.
  • Allows you to preview your safety documentation prior to
  • Will provide training to the registered users on a monthly basis at a predetermined time & venue
  • Generate documentation that is site / job specific and it is unique to each site
  • Have access to a database of OHS experts with a combined works experience of over 125 years
  • Makes use of the Pay Fast secure online payment solutions for South Africa to facilitate web base payments.
  • Is used by various consultants to produce Health and Safety Specifications including Government Tenders.
  • Help videos are available online, should you have any questions after watching the video you can ask a consultant via the online help program enabled on our eSafeT website for assistance  or call our eSafeT support line on 081 726 9048 or email us on info@esafet.co.za
construction safety file template
construction safety file template
Site Specific Safety File

Web-based Interface